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In principle, you have to work your way from right to left in the menus. The settings configure the system for execution and enable the use of rarely changed data and settings. The preparatory work for the competitions is carried out in the basic data. Classes, runs and maneuvers created, pilots, judges and helpers recorded. This data is then only assigned to the competition in a competition.



Navigation takes place via the menu bar, the buttons at the bottom of the lists and detailed displays and via the collective menu on the right in lists. Menu bar: This is only displayed in full if the user is logged in. Dashboard: The link to the dashboard of the active competition is displayed in the right area of the menu bar. All competition-related entries always refer to the "ACTIVE" competition. This can be selected from the Competitions list.

Preparation Step 1

Classes Schedules, Manoeuvre

The definition of the classes, schedules and maneuvers is one of the core tasks in the preparatory work. The characteristics of each maneuver define the behavior in competition. The class, in the example F3C, consists of the schedules P = Preliminary and the schedules SF + F. Since the maneuvers in the SF + F are identical, these do not have to be created twice. The assignment then takes place in the competition in the definition of the round. If a lap is created in a competition, the settings of the figures are copied so that the data on the saved maneuvers are independent.

Preparation Step 2

Competitors, Judges, Staff

The data for the pilots, judges and helpers are recorded centrally and then assigned to a competition. The detailed data are only managed in the basic data.

Preparation Step 3

Competition and Classes

Creation of the competition with the most important information. The active competition is always used in the title bar on the right Open at the dashboard link. After the competition has been recorded, the classes for the competition are created.


The classes must be created for online registration!

Competition Step 1

Competition, classes, round, rounds, participants ...

Under Classes and Schedules

Competition Step 2


Competition Step 3

Create Round

Each round must first be created so that the results can be recorded. There is also the menu item "Generate lap data". The generation of the start sequence is then called automatically.


The function assumes that the judges and at least one airfield have been created.

Competition Step 4

Create Rounddata

Competition Step 5

Create Startorder

Competition Step 6

Scoringsheet, Results

Competition Step 7

Start next Round

Competition Step 8

Start next Schedule

Competition Step 9

Print Results and Certificates


Pilot registration