App Changes

20211204 Display of Registerd Pilots (New Function)
On the Main Page there is an additional Link to the allready registerd Pilots.
20211201 Live-View (Fix)
Change of Navigation
20211201 Print Competition Live-View QR-Code (New Function)
Now you can print a Page with the QR-Code for the Live-View of the Competition.
20211127 Name of Competitor on Scoring Sheets (New Function)
Now you can choose if the Name of a competitor should be printed on the scoring sheets for the judges
20211127 Result Report Club and Address (New Function)
Now the Club and Address where the Competition is, will be printet on Result and Score sheets
20211106 Send Schedule Result to Competitors (New Function)
Now you can send the schedule results to the competitiors of the schedule.
20211006 Auto Activate of Rounds (New Function)
After saving a Score, a round gets activated by automatic and will be Displayed by
20211005 Manual order of Startorder (New Function)
Now you can reorder the Startorder of a round via Drag&Drop.
20210923 Selectable printing of Competition Sponsors (New Function)
Now it can be selected, where to print or display a Logo of a sponsor!
20210912 Score Backup generates Error (Fix)
If special Characters has been used in Competitor Names or Competition Names, Score Backup did not work.
20210908 Copy of Selectable Manoeuvres (New Function)
The Manoeuvres can now be copied from the last Round of same Type during "Round creation".
20210907 Passwords saved as Hash (New Function)
The initial Password is saved in clear Text. If a user changes the Password it is saved as a Hash.
20210903 Cumulative Fixes (Fix)
Dashboard encoding error with special Characters fixed! Logo-Display with Firefox fixed! Sort order for Pinting Judges Sheets fixed! Create Manoeuver loss of Schedule assignement on validate, when some Values are not valid!
20210831 Second Image for Competition (New Function)
Now can a second Image for each Competition be defined. First Image will be displayed left and second on the right Side of printouts.
20210831 Import Emailtemplates (New Function)
Email-Templates can be importet. Existing Templates will be skipped!
20210829 Export Year Round Results (New Function)
Selective Export of Results for a Set of Competitions and Classes!
20210829 Export Language-File Differential (New Function)
For easy following with the translation, now the missing Strings for a Language can be exported.
20210825 Sponsors and Organisations (New Function)
Now you can add Icons and Links of Sponsors and Organisations. Currently Displayed only in the Live-View, uppcomming in every printout.
20210825 Some improvments for Mobile Screens (Fix)
Menu, Details-Views were changed for a better User-experience
20210823 Send all Scoresheets (New Function)
Now you can send all the Scoresheets to the Competitors for a round or a schedule.
20210823 Recent Competitions (New Function)
On the Startpage now you can see recent competions with the option to display the details in a live view.
20210823 See all rounds in Live-View (New Function)
Now you see the rounds of a Schedule to display the details!
20210823 Dashboard - Schedule Result (New Function)
Now you can direct access the Results of a Schedule!
20210815 Schedule Results from Live-View (New Function)
Now you can open the Result of the hole schedule.
20210814 Competition Class goto Schedules (New Function)
Now you can go directly from Competition Classes to Competition Schedules.
20210814 Display Menu on Mobile Devices (Fix)
20210814 Score-Details from Live-View (New Function)
Now you can click on name of competitor and see the detailed results.
20210809 Print of Winner Certificate (New Function)
Now you can print a Winner Certificate for a Competition Result.
20210809 Scoring Backup as JSON (New Function)
Now the enterd scores will be saved as json, internal backup only! For Future use!


There must a Organisation-Setting be activated!

20210809 Maximum of 8 Rounds per Schedule (New Function)
20210809 Results for P+S+F (New Function)